The Blind Raven

Day 15 - Like A Lamb To Slaughter

The group discusses the well and their individual adventures after the fight in the holding cells of the guard station. Upon hearing of the well, Francis asks about it’s dimensions and any details that Reng and Lissar might remember. Reng describes the well and Francis hurriedly pushes around papers on his desk until he finds a map of the city. After a few seconds, he walks back over to the group and reveals that the city seems to be laid out as an altered ritual symbol for Spirit Idol, and the symbol was centered around the well. He proposes that the well may very well be the phylactery used in the ritual, and that it could have been altered to keep an unwilling spirit bound to the mortal plane. He suggests that the portion of the ritual cut out to make room for the forcefulness of it and it’s ability to pull a spirit from Dolurrh is most likely the ability to raise the spirit from the dead, which might explain why Sandar is so troubled: He went to an amazing amount of effort to prevent his daughter’s soul from passing but he had no ability to actually bring her back. He was just biding for time.

They talk about the possibility of exploring the well and learning more about the hooded girl, possibly forming a more concrete link between her and Sandar’s daughter before they make a plan revolving around the spirit. They decide to instead head down to the The Alcove and see if they are now able to open the door. Leaving town, they notice a lot of commotion over at the guard station. There seems to be an investigation going on regarding the murders of several prisoners. They walk around the area to avoid being too close to the station, and they quietly leave town.

Upon entering The Alcove, they find that Gralamin still can’t see the large door in the wall. After a few minutes of talking about it, they discover that since he had never touched one of the death necklaces, the illusion was one of requirement. After touching the necklace, he could see the door without any issues. The Yellow Raven appeared from a portal, seemingly returning directly from where she left to the last time they saw her in this cave. They bring up the door to her but she also can’t see it, so they offer her the necklace. It produces burns on her hands and she quickly drops it to the floor, citing that she would much prefer they not offer her an item bound to Orcus in the future. Her wounds begin to heal almost immediately, and she can suddenly see the door, so she walks up to it and places her hand to the metal. There are a few loud clanking sounds from the inside, and the door’s bevels begin to spin, unlocking it and opening it a few feet. The group continues inside, led by the yellow raven.

Inside the door, they immediately notice that they no longer even appear to be in a cave. The facility is fully enclosed in metal, and if they hadn’t come from a cave, they’d have no idea they were even underground. There are a number of people walking around, though it is apparent the facility was built for a much larger amount of people. It would seem that whatever was happening here in the past was being transitioned out and there were just managerial people remaining. The group watches as the yellow raven approaches a desk with a man behind it. Expecting trouble, they are surprised to find that no one seems to care about their arrival. The man behind the desk exclaims “You must be Yoren.” and tells her to keep moving on to her destination.

When asked who he is and what the facility is, the man explains that he doesn’t have any answers for them and they should continue moving. The Yellow Raven continues on, almost oblivious to the group being behind her, so they follow her closely. Alongside the walls are a few viewing ports into large rooms with small entryways into other rooms, with no apparent purpose. The group sees that between two of these areas is another large area with a ritual shrine, and linking towers that lead to what must be where those other rooms were connected to. The purpose of it all alludes them and it seems to be shut down at the current time, so the group moves on. They pass a closed door but ignore it so that they don’t let Yoren get too far ahead of them.

The yellow raven leads the group to a small room. About ten feet ahead of them, she walks through a gate into a large room ahead, and the gate slams shut behind her. As the group turns back, a stone wall closes behind them, leaving them trapped in a small area, unable to reach Yoren, who is now standing near a large metal grate on the floor that seems to be some sort of fire pit. They watch as Sandar appears on a balcony above her. In the corners of the room are a number of guards, but Yoren puts up no sort of fight. He expresses to her that he is surprised she isn’t attempting to escape after successfully hiding from his power for so long, but she explains that even if she is beaten, he won’t succeed in the end. He tells her that there are things even she can’t see, and indicates that she should stand on the metal grate. She does so willingly.

Lelouche takes a last-ditch effort to cast a spell to alter Sandar’s mind, allowing them to influence him, but fails. Sandar smirks and congratulates him on it being a clever move, but tells him that today was not his day. He walks out of the room and the metal grate erupts with fire, consuming Yoren in front of the group. A number of guards leave the room, but one stops by the gate first to taunt the group, stating that they served their purpose and were no longer needed. He pushed a number of summoning stones through the grate and monsters appear before the group before he makes his exit.

After a long battle, the group notes that the creatures were all underworld beings, and some of them were even attached to Ilsidahur, a demon lord in direct competition with Orcus. They note that Francis might know a bit more about this, but decide that their focus now should be on escape from the room they are currently trapped in.

300 EXP from battle + 100 EXP from role-play = 400 EXP total (9700 EXP total)
The Wand of Orcus has been stolen and is now in the hands of Sandar Meloris, who has been revealed as the leader of The Last Shadow. It appears he has used it to find a way to kill Yoren, one of two Yellow Ravens.



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