Sandar Meloris

High Wizard of the kingdom of Meridian


Sandar Meloris stands six and a half feet tall with black hair going just past his ears. His eyes are a dark blue and his skin is a pale green. He is a Githzerei, a rare race within the kingdom. He wears a deep crimson cloak and carries a staff.

When the group seeks an audience with the king, he can be seen as the right hand of the king. The group does not interact with him in any meaningful way until they enter The Temple of the Lost and run into him during his mission to shut the temple down. He introduces himself as right hand of the king and also the High Wizard of the Council. He explains that the power radiating from the temple is affecting things in the mortal realm and it must be shut down. After showing himself to be an extremely powerful mage, and showing the ritual scrolls he brought with him to defeat the beast at the core of the temple, the group joins him.

After subduing the beast, Sandar turns on the group and reveals that his primary objective was to acquire The Wand of Orcus for The Last Shadow. He escapes through a portal he forces the beast to open, and leaves the group for dead.


Sandar Meloris

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