Lord Remar

King of Meridian, slightly mad


Lord Remar is the king of Meridian. He is short (5’4") with blond hair and green eyes. He is a generally kind young man but seems to be effected by a sort of madness. He turns away his people when they talk about certain issues, like the town’s beggars and poor disappearing from the slums.


As a young child, his parents (the king and queen) were targeted in a coup. Though the coup was unsuccessful in their end goal of creating a democracy, his parents were killed. Because he was so young at the time (6 years old), a council was formed to lead in his place until he came of age. When he took his place as king, the council remained to advise him. By that time, Sandar Meloris had taken a place as High Wizard of the Council as part of his plan to raise Laura from the dead.

Sandar influenced the boy and placed small spells onto him to force certain rulings of Sandar’s choosing to be fulfilled. Under Sandar’s control, Lord Remar ordered construction around the town’s main water reservoir to be in a new layout, unknowingly creating a ritual rune that allowed Sandar to begin channeling power into a spell to pull a bound spirit into a living creature to take it over. In addition, Sandar’s control influenced him to start the excavation project that formed The Maw, in search of a Rift Stone.

Toward the end of the events of The Blind Raven, Lord Remar was beginning to suffer mental fatigue from the long years of control Sandar had controlled him. As such, he began to show signs of the control at times of great stress, which appeared as a mental tic of sorts.

During the events of the Eastern Tower siege on Day 19, Sandar released the king from a mind control influence he had held on the boy for years. Almost immediately, the king recognized what had occurred and sent his guards after Sandar.

Lord Remar

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