Priest Francis


Within Meridian Keeps primary non-denominational church is an older priest that seems to lead the congregation toward whatever deity they choose to worship. An older man, Francis appears quite able to take care of himself but not at all used to combat.


Francis has led the church in some way for at least a decade, and was involved in a secret group that met in the church to plan a defense against a coup. He organized missions to retrieve information about a group that wanted to overthrow the king. Unfortunately, his mission failed and the king was assassinated, leading to Lord Remar being crowned at an age when he was too young to be in charge, which is what led to the small council becoming much more of a leadership role until the boy came of age. Even after Lord Remar reached an age when his kingship would be respected, the council remained very powerful, even to the extent that they could overrule the king on certain decisions.

When asked about a ritual scroll found in The Mortician’s home, he explains that he has amassed a great amount of knowledge of the arcane and even that which might be thought of as evil, and he might be able to help. The Temporal Waves cause Francis to forget having ever interacted with the group, but his information still proves to be helpful.

When the group comes to him seeking help specifically to prevent another catastrophe, he offers the same study that his group met in as a base of operations, and offers the group a number of helpful things such as enchantments, ritual books to study, and even scrolls to take with them to aid them in their plan. He also proves himself to be a tactician, offering a great deal of advice as the group begins planning how to defeat Sandar.

Priest Francis

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