Reng Bloodseeker

A Half-Orc warrior


Reng is a large orc warrior. He frequented a bar in Ramshire until meeting up with the group a second time and joining them. He has a rough personality but opens up quite easily and becomes almost friendly when speaking to other warriors. He wields a large sword and has visible damages on his body presumably from combat. He is extremely muscular.


He has opened up about spending his entire life fighting, and then falling in with “a bad crowd” who he now “has issues with that need to be handled”. He has mentioned that Korb is his patron, which is fitting of a warrior such as himself.

He met up with the group at the bridge just west of Ramshire, heading north. He had been following the cart because “a little bird told him” it was suspicious.

When the group goes to Camren, they confront a young man for spying on them, and recognize that he is part of the organization they infiltrated on Day 02. He recognizes Reng and describes that Reng saved his life. He explains that they used to know each other before Reng left town. There is an implication that Reng was run out of town by the organization.

On Day 13, the raven queen transferred a great amount of knowledge that she had uncovered regarding the The Last Shadow and Reng divulged his past:

Reng was a young boy when his village was raided. He attempted to fight, but was knocked to the ground and left for dead while his village burned. His parents are presumed dead. At some point during the raid, he woke up and The Raven Queen was carrying him from the battle (seemingly unnoticed by the raiders). She left him outside the village and put him to sleep. When he woke up, he was imprisoned as a child slave and taken from his village.

He was sold to a group connected to The Last Shadow and was brought in as a slave. He showed his hatred for The Raven Queen (believing her to be responsible for his tribe’s slaughter) so he was eventually brought in as a member of the group, since they worshiped Orcus and therefore hated The Raven Queen. He was a part of the cult, and although he never outright worshiped Orcus, he did wish to call on his power so that he could become undead.

Reng was taught by his parents that battle is the purpose of life. They worshiped Kord, the god of battle, and he continues to consider Kord his patron to this day. His interaction with the cult was largely because he hoped that he could become undead and battle for eternity, shifting the tide of history as it is built. He does not seek to become evil or abuse the powers of lichdom to hurt innocents.

When he discovered that The Last Shadow was planning on “ending death” through some sort of new plan, he voiced his concern. He was attacked, nearly killed, and stripped of a large amount of property. He escaped and decided to fight the cult. He doubts Orcus would even support the ending of death, as it means an upper limit to the amount of undead that will ever exist.

After the events of the Eastern Tower siege on Day 19, the Raven Queen offered Reng a place among her demigods, and he accepted. Having learned that Orcus’s return was a ruse the entire time, he accepted that the only way to achieve his life goal was to be under the banner of the god he had blindly hated throughout most of his life. He began his servitude and was given the god-bound power to intimidate mortals, causing uncontrollable fear in individuals or groups.

Reng Bloodseeker

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