The Controller


Bound to a realm that was created specifically for him, The Controller acts as a guardian and judge over all inhabitants. When in physical form, he is a large creature in the form of a knight made of solid stone. Although the adventurers have only witnessed him speak in common tongue, it can be assumed that he intrinsically knows the language of anyone within his realm. He is a creature of immense power, but still bound to the laws of nature if any creature can find him within The Temple of the Lost.


The Temple of the Lost is a prison he controls for all who would be punished by a religious order that created him for this sole purpose. He exists with no other order than to attempt to contain anyone placed inside of his realm. He has the power to alter reality within his realm so long as it is outside of the control room to which there is no direct path to within the prison. He can move the rooms around in any way he desires in order to either starve the inhabitants, drive them insane, or have them killed by traps or monsters. He can summon creatures and objects, though whether these are real or just figments of the prisoner’s imagination is still unknown.

He seeks justice, and in his eyes justice is punishment for any creature that enters his realm. He can look into the past of any and all inhabitants of his prison and see their deeds, which he uses to justify his control over them.

He has been seen to make deals regarding justice. In the latest, he agreed to help the group escape after they saved his life, and in exchange for a fate binding that will lead them to return Sandar Meloris to the realm to be judged.

He recently was sent a pork chop. The fate of said pork chop is currently unknown.

His fate-binding was relinquished after Sandar was sent to him, though he retains a great amount of disdain for the group since his prize was broken beyond repair, and died soon after his arrival, unable to be punished thoroughly.

The Controller

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