The Gray Raven (Shayla)


The Eyes of the Raven are a group of five female spirits The Raven Queen uses to be her eyes and ears. Raven 2 wears silver.


  • Day 00 – Siobhan saw her in bird form, perched on The Outpost wall when they arrived.
  • Day 01 – During the poem at the bridge, she said the line “A madness grips the royal.”
  • Day 02 – When the ravens scatter after the poem at the bridge, she heads toward the rock outcropping just south-east of Meridian Keep
  • Day 03 – When the group leaves Meridian Keep, she is seen heading toward Camren.
  • Day 04 – She is overheard during a conversation, but disappears when the group attempts to interrupt.
  • Day 07 – She helps lead them into an alleyway where they encounter a guard that is attempting to kidnap poor citizens from the slums

Her name is Shayla.

She was killed by a plague that came from an undead warlock. Her spirit was pulled from her by The Raven Queen when she entered a coma before her death, preventing the plague from completing it’s objective… to take power from the souls of it’s victims.

In a later encounter with the queen, she notes that each of the ravens were a mortal girl that she pulled the spirits from, binding them to new mortal forms and giving them a focus to serve her with. The Gray Raven has the ability to see and speak about the present. She can never speak of the past or future.The only information you know is what The Raven Queen told you: “These are my eyes and ears on the mortal plane.”

Her ring grants the power of incredible fortune, either in a single moment or in a smaller form over the course of a day. The power was used to grant advice on the best possible action to take in order to survive the final interaction with Sandar Meloris.

The Gray Raven (Shayla)

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