The Green Raven (Olani)


The Eyes of the Raven are a group of five female spirits The Raven Queen uses to be her eyes and ears. Raven 1 wears green.

Every interaction with her during the first few days of the adventure was characterized by her only speaking in past tense and only of the past. Eventually Siobhan mentioned this to her, and her ring was bound to him. He can call upon her power in a time of need, and at certain times she will use it to signal when a good time to use it would be.


The Eyes were brought back from the mortal plane just before death. Raven 1 can only see and speak of the past. Never the present or future. Her name is Olani.

She was killed by a sorcerer that intended to use her as a sacrifice to Orcus. The Raven Queen removed her spirit before this could occur, rendering the sacrifice null.

The only other information you know is what The Raven Queen told you: “These are my eyes and ears on the mortal plane.”

The Green Raven (Olani)

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