The Mortician (Melchior)


Melchior is an older Githzerai, a rare race to see in the lower realms. He is fragile and meek in most ways. He is easily frightened and quick to become emotionally charged.


When the group arrives in Meridian Keep, they go to the mortuary with a cart full of boxes that originally held corpses. They meet the mortician, who indicates that he is involved with The Citadel and the secret purpose of the corpses, but doesn’t reveal much after the group convinces him they are just hired workers and not knowledgeable about where the boxes go.

After the group demanded to be allowed to stay in the mortuary overnight, the mortician leaves them to it. In the morning, a town crier announces that he’s been found dead in his home. A barkeep named Karyn mentions that she saw him in the tavern the night prior, drunk and not very open about what he was upset about. A friend (also Githzerai) came in and talked to him. When the mortician gets too drunk, his friend walks him out of the bar, presumably to bring him home.

The group finds that his house is under a crime scene investigation. When Lissar goes in, she finds that his body is cut up to the point of it probably being a “sending a message” murder more than a general killing or robbery. His house is being cleared of evidence of some kind, and a strange ring and scroll are found in his evidence chest.

After the events at The Maw and the Temporal Waves changing history, they find that Melchior is still very much alive and actually has been captured and tried for murder. Through a twist of fate, they happen to know he is innocent. They decide to break him out of the holding cell before he is moved to the prison. He tells them a story about Sandar Meloris being his close friend a decade prior, and asks for help escaping the city now that Sandar has turned on him and seeks to have him killed.

Eventually, Melchior becomes a member of the team in a way. He hides out with Francis and aids the group in discovering more about the mysterious Hooded Child, who he recalls as the adopted daughter of Sandar, killed during the events leading up to the coup years ago.

After the events of the Eastern Tower Siege on Day 19, Laura came to see him and say goodbye before fading to the next plane. Melchior decided to leave the kingdom in search of a place where he could forget all that has occurred.

The Mortician (Melchior)

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