Sandar's Tome

Entry 01 – “This new realm is a clean slate. The violence of the past will fade from my memory in time. I’ve found a quaint kingdom in the northwest of my arrival point. Meridian, a peaceful place south of the Gallant Sea. I’ve started work, selling garments to the citizens. The people are friendly, though I can tell my appearance is off-putting to such a predominantly human populace. Perhaps in time, the migrating populace will find their place in this land. Melchior has come to settle in the same city as me, though he’s taken a job as a local mortician. He seems comfortable, but I just can’t imagine being surrounded by that much death.”

Entry 02 – “One of my customers gifted me a small tome of basic magic patterns. I couldn’t hold back my excitement when he mentioned he was an adventuring wizard, and he came back after one of his excursions to see me. I’ve begun practicing a bit at home when I have time, and I’m getting better every day. I’ve begun putting on small shows for the local children. It feels good to be a positive force in this land. Melchior wants to bring the show to Ramshire and I think it would be fun. There is a small orphanage there, and I think we could do a lot of good if we visited. We can’t feed the hungry children during these dark times, but at least we can make them smile. It’s amazing to think of how much has changed since we came to this land. I don’t think I really knew what it meant to be happy until now.”

Entry 03 – “My show is on the road! Melchior and I have started taking the show to Ramshire to entertain the local children. One of them found her way to Meridian Keep while her parents were visiting on business and even came to our show. To think, coming so far just for my act! I was so honored. She even offered to be an assistant next time she’s at my show. I’ll have to think of a way to include her in my performance. She’s a quick one. I have to admit, she impressed me by recreating a small spark spell that she’d seen me perform a few times. It seems I have a protege.”

Entry 04 – “Laura appears to have deceived me. Last night, I found her after one of my shows. The crowds I attract have gotten to be a bit larger than I ever expected, but generally she comes to the front. I found her in an alley, long after nightfall, attempting to cast a fire spell (one I’ve used in my acts a number of times) to keep warm. She’d become gaunt since the last time I’d seen her. She seemed to be doing well to fight back the tears until she noticed I’d found her. I’ve never seen a face full of shame like that on a child. We didn’t speak. I picked her up and took her to Melchior’s home since it was closer. We’ve just prepared her some food and a bed. She told me that she was separated from her parents, so I suppose we’ll have to put in a report in the morning. No use attempting to find them now. The city is a maze to visitors. They’re probably worried sick, though.”

Entry 05 – “A bit has happened since my last entry, but I’ll be brief. I woke Laura the next morning and told her that we’d have to go to the guard station and ask about a report, as her parents would be looking for her. She admitted the truth: her parents died many years ago. She’d been living in the orphanage at Ramshire for quite some time, but there was some sort of abuse… she didn’t want to talk about it, and I wouldn’t push her to explain. She left and came to the city hoping to find some escape… I’m rambling at this point, so I’ll just get to the point: I’ve taken her in. It seems a bit crazy, but it happened without me even realizing it. I agreed to house her for a bit until we could figure something out, and it was like we both knew she had found her home. She’s incredibly helpful around the house. She’s even started helping me in my studies, though I think that she’s enjoying learning my tricks as much as I’m enjoying practicing. I taught her about focuses last night, becoming a Sage or a Wizard or a Warlock if one so chooses… she isn’t sure what she wants. She has plenty of time to choose. She’s learning faster than I ever did, for sure. Maybe I’m just a great teacher. I don’t recall ever being this happy. She asked me what I was going to choose. I suppose I’m at the point where I could start to specialize… I hadn’t noticed. Perhaps I’ll apply to the local Wizards guild for lessons.”

Entry 06 – “There was another movement of immigrants from the outer planes recently. It’s causing a bit of unrest among the people. When I arrived, there were so few people from the outer planes and we got a few looks… but now there are enough people coming in that the locals are getting restless. There’s a small movement for democratic rule like in the outer planes, but the locals exist under the crown… they’re not going to change their whole way of life just to appease those that come from the outside. It’s going to be a mess, for sure. I’m getting odd looks in the street from some of the locals. I home this all passes quickly.”

Entry 07 – “Things are getting out of control. There was a riot two days ago near the city square. Blame is being placed on the immigrants, and I’m trying my best to stay out of the talks. It’s not that democracy doesn’t sound appealing… but honestly, the current system is working well, and I’ve made my home here. I don’t need this place to change. Why can’t everything stay the same? Why can’t we just have peaceful discussion? Laura overheard a woman call me a fork-tongue yesterday. I had to tell her that it was a word for a cheap business-man. Better that she think the woman was a disgruntled customer. She doesn’t need to know about the blind hate some people have for the outside races. Hopefully by the time she learns the truth, this will all be a distant memory.”

Entry 08 – “Laura came with me to help open the shop this morning. It had been torn apart. Clothing stamped on and torn… Jewelry smashed… Tables broken to pieces. These riots are getting out of control. I had to tell her that it was a thief, but I know what the message was. I’m not wanted here. My kind. The outsiders. I live here, now. This is my home, and I won’t let these ruffians tell me that I don’t belong. I’ve set aside time to go to the king when he takes an audience tomorrow. Surely he’ll listen to a long-time local business owner. Surely he’ll listen to reason and put the guards to use quelling the riots.”

Entry 09 – “Today is a dark day. The crowds formed in their usual way in the town square, moving north to the castle gates. They demanded the king give an audience to their representative. The guards pushed back, but that only put the people into more of a fervor. Stones were thrown. Violence begat more violence. Many were killed. How has the city come to this? I’ve already heard a disgusting rumor that I am to blame. I asked the king to place more security in the market as a deterrent. How can I be blamed for them slaughtering people in the streets? Laura hasn’t heard the news yet. I’ve asked her to stay at home so that she can be safe. If someone wants to put me to harm, I don’t want her to be caught up in it.”

Entry 10 – “The light has gone from my life. How can I explain what has happened since my last entry? How can I put to words my devastation, the destruction of everything I’ve come to love in life? Laura’s body was nearly beyond recognition. It was too late to save her. I was too late. What happens to a man when he loses his light? Can it ever be returned to him?”

Entry 11 – “My heart is consumed. The fire within me has been replaced… from a warm light in the window on a dark night, to an inferno that will destroy all that I tough. They locked me away, said that I incited public violence by requesting safety for my shop and my family. They blamed it all on me, and they locked me in a cell knowing I could do nothing to stop them. They took her from me, left her beyond repair. Left her body to rot until it couldn’t be recovered even by the most powerful priests in the city. The prisoners I shared my time with had lost family and friends in the massacre. They blamed me. They beat me. They wanted me to suffer. Nothing they did could compare to what was done to her, to my child. I’ve found an answer to my query. Can my light ever be returned to me? Yes, it can. I will traverse the darkness to find her.”

Entry 12 – “The bells rang above the castle today. It would seem the king and queen have been killed. An assassination of some sort. The members of the rebellion have been rounded up and imprisoned. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re put to death in the town square. I’ll be there to see it if they are, and I’ll make sure to smile as they have everything taken from them just as they had done to me. The prince is only a boy of six years… he’s unfit to lead, so they’ve begun forming a high council of respected city members. I imagine a role in the council would afford quite a bit of power… but what would be required to achieve a spot within their ranks?”

Entry 13 – “Melchior came by to see me today. I hadn’t seen him since I was locked away. He’d heard I was out and came by my home, attempting to comfort me. I’m a bit ashamed of how quickly I dismissed him, but I am not the man he remembers. I am broken now, and I don’t think he would understand or appreciate what I am about to do. I’ve reached to the outer realms and found a being that can help me, but to use his power I need to alter my focus path. A Warlock under the star pact… not exactly where I thought I would be going in life, but desperation makes for difficult choices. The creature has a rather unique ability and there’s just no other way. I’ll have to learn quickly if I want a place among the council.”

Entry 14 – “The arrangement is quite simple. The star pact allows me to draw upon the powers of a creature, and I’ve chosen him. He is one without a name. He grants me the power to pull my light back from the darkness. Her spirit is not yet eternally bound to the afterlife. I can still bring it back to the mortal planes. He assures me she’ll feel no pain from the experience. I’ve already begun working on an implement to bind her here… just until I find the right ritual to recreate her body as a vessel for it. I’ve had to burn her body. Her ashes now reside inside a globe of pure blood-iron. Don’t even get me started on how much it cost me to have that much of the material transported and melded… but it will all be worth it. What is money to a man reaching beyond the stars? What is anything worth when compared to defeating death? I’ll still have to wait for her spirit to arrive back here, but there is plenty to do in the meantime.”

Entry 15 – “I awoke to a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. Her spirit has returned. The orb’s locking runes are active. I found myself whispering an apology to her, but I know she can’t hear me. I hope she isn’t scared. Don’t worry, my child, I’ll free you soon enough. Your spirit put up a fight, but in time you’ll realize that you don’t belong to the afterlife. You belong here, with me again. You’ll forgive me for what I’ve done to you when we walk through these streets together again. I’m getting ahead of myself, though… I’ll need a more permanent solution than the orb in case I’ve underestimated your strength. You were always had such a strong will… I’m not sure this lock will hold you.”

Entry 16 – “I’ve accepted a place among the high council. High Wizard of the Council. It would take pages upon pages to explain how many tricks I’ve employed to masquerade my Warlock abilities as Wizard traits… but that’s irrelevant now. No one will question my knowledge or motive as one of the hands of the king. I underestimated how many opportunities this position would afford me. My own area to study… unlimited access to the libraries of arcane knowledge… no questions asked about my experiments. I’ve begun work on the architectural changes required for a rune built into the town square. Can you imagine? This entire city will exist to power my spell, and they’ll never even know. Placed over the primary reservoir will form a phylactery so powerful, I’ll never again have to worry about Laura’s spirit breaking from it’s prison. Prison… no, that’s not right. Or is it? She’s been locked away so much longer than I planned. I should have known that bending the nature of the arcane would take so long. I suppose I didn’t have a choice at the time, anyway. Another day… another week, maybe? Her spirit would have been lost to me. There’s no use thinking about it now. All I can do is continue my work. With my Arcane Glass, I’ll be able to filter power from the well to all sorts of experiments once the rune construction is complete. I’ll see you again soon, my child.”

Entry 17 – “Until now, all that I have done has been inconsequential. It’s strange to think of it that way, but nothing I’ve done would attract the attention of the gods. A single soul missing from the immortal planes? They’ll never notice. If they had, they’d have already intervened. Soon, I will step across a threshold that the Raven Queen will not ignore. I must tread carefully. All of my work, all that I’ve done would be for naught if she were to impose her inane form of morality upon my work. There is a way to hide my actions from her… to blind even the gods from my work. I’ve begun research on a ritual… ‘the shroud’, for lack of a concrete name even in the documentation of it’s pattern. Construction has completed on the rune circling the reservoir. The townsfolk remain unaware that the alterations have completed a spell of immense power. I will submit the orb to the water tonight, completing the ritual. Laura will be safe until my plans are complete. There are days… times when I look at my actions and wonder, is this getting out of hand? Should I turn back? Could I?”

Entry 18 – “Even the Raven Queen is vulnerable, I’ve discovered. Through sheer luck, I’ve gained a consort in the form of her most hated enemies. The boy king sent me on a mission of minor importance; look into the actions of a small fringe cult to the demon lord Orcus, arresting them or wiping them out if necessary. I found them at nightfall on my second day of searching. They’d formed a small collective, meeting within a cave south of the city and joining to talk about the return of the great Orcus, confident that he would reward them for remaining vigilant in their worship while he was away. Delusional, for sure, but I immediately realized they could be of use to me. I infiltrated their ranks that night, and isolated their leader, retrieving as much information as I could using… questionable methods I’d rather not think about. He gave up more information than I could have hoped. The most important point: The queen keeps a contingency of five vassals, taking the form of both ravens and young girls, and each is mortally bound to allow the queen to view elements of the mortal realm. They are mortal, and as such, can die… at least temporarily before being revived. Between those two points, though, the queen is blinded to the mortal binding. Past, Present, Future, Life, and Death… imagine what a man could accomplish if the queen of death held no power to view or affect the mortal realm. Death could be reversed. The very nature of the realm could be altered. Nothing would be set in stone. Needless to say, these ravens will have to be considered in my plans. The only way to prevent the queen from stepping between me and my desires is to cut out her eyes.”

Entry 19 – “I’ve relocated the cult members to a cave system under the city. Perhaps in time, their original cave can be connected to their new home. I’ve given them all aliases to avoid detection, and I’ve taught them how to be more effective in keeping secret. If there is one piece of information I know enough to teach, it is that. I’ve told them that I am a firm believer in the return of Orcus, and they believe I am helping them rise in numbers to gain control of the kingdom for his return. I’ll use them to gain control of the kingdom, that is for sure. I can’t be too careful, can I? It will be nice to have a group to call upon should anything stand in my way. Returning to the king, I reported that the group would not return peacefully and I had to dispose of them. I’ve also insisted on the importance of sending me to the other reported cults of Orcus around the kingdom. I’ll erase them all, transporting them back to my own branch. He’s sending me with a contingency group, refusing to send one lone man against a group of cults, regardless of my ability. No matter, I’ll just have to figure out how to fool a dozen men. If I’ve done all that I’ve done already, I don’t expect much of a challenge from that. Consolidating the fringe groups to form a considerable force for my uses. Perhaps they can answer a question for me, in time: Could a raven be killed permanently? Is there a power that even the queen can not reverse?”

Entry 20 – “My flock follow me blindly. They have begun working on the implements needed to utilize ‘the shroud’, and a few of their magic users will prove handy in keeping the ritual powered. That should keep the queen, and any other pestering deity, away from my work. The ravens, I’m finding, have a large amount of power when investigating… but they are still bound to the queen, so even they will be exiled from seeing my actions. I’ve waited too long to enact this. The shroud must be activated as soon as possible. I must remember to not doubt the vigilance of the gods.”

Entry 21 – “I’ve found that it’s much easier to kill a dozen men than it is to deceive them. Victims of the battles with the cults, I’ll say. Problem solved. One of the fringe groups I’ve found also has an interest in the Illithid, a race from the outer planes that utilizes mind control to enact their desires upon the worlds they invade. I’ve already begun my research. The king will send me alone the next time I ask. I’ll make sure of that. I’ve convinced my growing flock that killing the ravens will allow us to create an undead world, the perfect way to please Orcus upon his return. I’ve also discovered a tool to eliminate the ravens permanently: The Wand of Orcus. Instant death to mortals, and the inability to be resurrected to anything but an undead shell of a creature… the queen would never allow that. She’d have to start working on some other way to interact with the mortal realm.. a task that could take decades. Some of the flock seem adamant that the wand was lost when Orcus was killed, and is unable to be found… but anything lost can be found. It exists somewhere, and I will locate it.”

Entry 22 – “Controlling the boy king was a simple matter. His mind shifted and squirmed but eventually it succumbed to my power. I reflected on the last few years today, and I can’t seem to remember who I was before all of this. Would that man recognize who I’ve become? Would he understand what I’ve done? No matter, he was a fool and I am a man facing down the gods. What could that man teach me? He would do anything for Laura, and I am he who has done more than he could imagine. From here, my goals are simple: Hide from the gods. Acquire the wand. Kill the ravens. Raise Laura. Escape the kingdom and this realm.”

Entry 23 – "The shroud is complete. The goddess of death now has no power over me. In addition, I’ve found an obscure history record that references an item I am sure is the wand. From what I can understand so far… after Kiaransalee the Betrayer killed Orcus, she desired to destroy his Wand. She sent a legion to kill Bahamut, the dragon god. The wand could only be destroyed by placing it in the blood of Bahamut at the moment of his death. Bahamut survived, injured. Not wanting to begin a war, Bahamut sent the wand with an Angel of Vengeance to the western land that is now part of Meridian. Buried far below the surface of the ground was a Rift Stone which linked to the farthest reaches of Pandemonium. Using the stone, the Angel was ordered to send the wand to Pandemonium so that even the gods would fear to try finding it. How do you retrieve something from an area even gods fear to tread?”

Entry 24 – “It’s so simple… I don’t need to find a way to Pandemonium, a way there already exists, right under us. I’ve had the king start an excavation for the rift stone. If this angel had any sense, he would imbue it with a mortal purpose to defend itself. A rift stone would be able to open portals to any realm, even in the unknown planes. Finding it, therefore, will prove difficult. I’ve begun studying a number of subjects to prepare for the excavation. I’ve had the king tell his subjects that the stone will be used to summon rain clouds to improve crop yield. I may be the only mortal being that knows the stone is a direct link to Pandemonium.”

Entry 25 – “I thought it would take years. I thought the stone would consume anyone who attempted to locate it. It didn’t defend itself at all. Perhaps I over-estimated the cunning of the gods? No, I shouldn’t convince myself of that. The ritual must have failed for some other reason. I shouldn’t worry too much about that. I have the stone. Transported back to the castle and started work decoding it’s mysteries. I’ve had a few of the lower wizards of the court summoning rain clouds to increase the harvests, and I’ve even got a few of them summoning storms over the Northern Sea to halt barbarian raids. The king is pleased, and his mind has stopped fighting my control. I’ve had construction done on the cave I found the first cult in… a facility that will house the stone so that I can conduct my experiments in relative privacy. It shouldn’t be difficult to convince the council that the stone is a danger to the king within the walls of the castle. Perhaps I’ll summon some abberant beast through it as an example of just how unsafe it can be within these walls.”

Entry 26 – “The facility is complete and operations have begun. My flock has grown, an organization that spans the entire kingdom. A number of guards in the city are even members of the cult! How much power can one man wield? I’ve put them to work kidnapping some of the beggars in the southern slums of the city. Taken to The Alcove, they will be unfortunate victims of all this. There’s no turning back at this point.”

Entry 27 – “I saw an old friend today. Melchior returned to the city. I hadn’t noticed his absence until he came to see me. He seemed impressed with my position on the council. If only he knew how much more I had accomplished since we last spoke! He’s taking a position as the city mortician again. I’ve already got him under my thumb, though he is unaware. The auxiliary guard, second in command of the town regiment, is in my employ. It was a simple matter for him to convince Melchior that once the tunnel to his mortuary was complete, the king will order certain bodies to be disposed to the entrance, for official research. The corpses will be marked with one of necklaces. Melchior is a meek and simple man. He will do his job, no questions asked. I’m sorry for getting you involved in all of this, old friend.”

Entry 28 – “The Alcove is actively searching for the wand. My flock has taken citizens from all around the kingdom. We started with prisoners, the poor, traveling parties… anyone who wouldn’t be missed. At this point we have expanded a bit, but our infiltration of the kingdom’s guard keeps our actions under wraps. Those we take are imprisoned underground, then sent to the lines. Forced into a ritual warp portal, bound to the stone and sent to Pandemonium. Their orders are simple: Locate some trace of the wand and return with information or the wand in hand. Anyone returning with out will be sent back to a new location until they fail to return, or return with information. Anyone returning with information will be imprisoned, but a large reward as well as their freedom will await them once Laura is back in my arms. Many fail to return… many have been lost. I am trading so many lives for one. Who can put a price on a life, though. Who is to determine morality when even the gods can not intervene?”

Entry 29 – “A group of demigods, no doubt under the banner of the Raven Queen, have come snooping around the kingdom. They’re investigating some strange patterns regarding the disappearance of the Orcus cults in the area. The king assured them the cults had been wiped out, and my influence allowed my name to be spared from the discussion. I can’t have them turning my way. Not now. I’ve ordered a number of my men to accompany the demigods and ‘help them’ in any way possible. Their orders are to capture the demigods alive and return them to me, at their earliest convenience. If they are killed, my plans will be in danger as their spirits return to the queen to be revived. I’ll have to keep them hidden until this is all over. I wonder, is there some way to siphon their power? To utilize the queen’s power for my purposes? If I’m going to all this trouble to hide them, I might as well make the most of it.”

Entry 30 – “The three children of the queen are captured, locked within my citadel in what I believe to be an ingenious trapping. I’ve begun siphoning their power to increase the shroud’s size and ability. It can now hide my entire operation, even reaching back to past events that might give some hint of what is occurring. I’ve heard a most peculiar rumor, in my time within the castle. A wandering spirit, a playful child… could it be? Has Laura been imprisoned so long that she has discovered a way to extend her presence outside of the reservoir? On top of that, it seems the young king is starting to reject my control. I’ve increased the power of my influence, but I’ll have to hurry to complete the last of my tasks that require his assistance.”

Entry 31 – “I’d forgotten this pain. The pain of loss. The pain of regret. I’ve managed to hide all that I’ve done, and all that I’ve been doing, but at a terrible cost. All influence of the queen is disallowed within the confines of the shroud. I hadn’t considered that her influence comes to spirits as they travel to the next plane. Laura is blind to me, and I to her. I sat by the well for many nights, researching while I waited for her to show herself. The method used to lock her to this realm keeps us from seeing each other. I know that it is only temporary… that I will see her when I bring her back. Regardless, the pain of losing her yet again was considerable. In addition, as I’ve locked all memory of her from the gods, she must be so confused and scared. To not remember your life, and to wander the streets searching for who you are. This is the curse I’ve put upon her. I am so sorry, my light.”

Entry 32 – "I’ve taken so much more time than I ever imagined at the start of all this. Laura must be restless by now, so alone and afraid. I’ve lost sight of anything else in my life. The time has almost come, though… I have located the want in the most unusual of places. The history books have mislead me, it seems. Bahamut’s Angel failed to ever deliver the wand to Pandemonium, or it was somehow retrieved through some manner I can’t even imagine. A roaming group of adventurers has acquired it, breaking into The Maw for some unknown reason and killing a man with it on their way out. My spies have been following them since, but I’ve ordered them to keep their distance.”

Entry 33 – “The Rift Stone will be returned to the castle. No use for it now. I suppose I’ll have to eliminate the remaining prisoners. Can’t have word of The Alcove getting out, and wiping their memory would be too much of a risk. I’ve started following the wand myself, leaving the Last Shadow to their business. The fiends have found transport to the western island, and I’ll be shipping out tomorrow to meet them. It’s all coming together, finally. The Controller will be a bit of a hassle, but perhaps I can make his presence work in my favor.”

Entry 34 – “I am ashamed, my old friend. You are my last liability, and one of my flock has realized you may lead the adventurers to me in the future. Your trips to the church have become more frequent… have you begun to feel guilt over your actions? Have you started to wonder whether all of those deaths were really natural, or if you’re part of something bigger than you believed? I can’t have you asking those types of questions… not now. I asked them to make your death quick and painless. May you forgive me if our spirits ever meet again.”

Entry 35 – “The fools practically fought over themselves to help me deceive them. The Controller will take care of them, or they’ll starve and rot. I’ve never felt this type of power before. This is my pathway to the end. My light will finally return. I’ve missed her so much. Will she recognize me? Will she accept what I’ve become to save her?”

Entry 35 – “Melchior managed to survive the attack on the church, and it seems the adventurers found their way out of the labyrinth, minus one of their party. They’re in hiding now, but I’ll find them. I’ve been careless for too long. I can’t allow him to be found. The guards are already on their way. I’m so sorry, old friend. I will live with the shame of what I now must do to you.”

Entry 36 – “This house of cards is falling apart rapidly. The adventurers are still within the city limits, and though my spies have found traces of them, they always manage to get disappear.. Melchior has been broken out of his imprisonment before his death. My agents within the prison have gone missing, and the remaining prisoners tell a tale that I’m not even sure I can believe. I can’t fail now. Not after all I’ve done.”

Entry 37 – “In desperation, the next step of my plan must be done. I’ve cast the ritual to summon the first raven to my trap. Reversing the shroud, I’ve caused her to see nothing but her future, burned in an unholy fire blazing with the power of the Wand of Orcus. She will come like a lamb to the slaughter. There is nothing they can do to stop her. Once she is out of the way, my future will be safe from the queen. Until then, I will be wary.”

Entry 38 – “The adventurers escaped, but it’s no matter now. Without the ability to see the events to come, the Raven Queen is not my concern. I will turn my attention to the next of the ravens, so that the queen may have have her power over life severed. With that done, nothing will stand between Laura and I. The fabric of the arcane will twist to my will. Soon, I will defeat even death. The time has come.”

Entry 39 – “My hubris has struck quite a blow. The fiends have fooled me. Thinking they escaped The Alcove, I let my guard down, and now I’ve lost the demigods. The shroud is falling and the queen knows of my actions. I fear to leave my tower, the last bastion of the shroud. My flock won’t last long once the shroud fades, though by that time, my plan will be complete. I must hurry.”

Entry 40 – “I am finished. There is nothing left for me. At every step, I have convinced myself that I have time to finish my work, and yet every time, my chance is taken from me. Why have I let it come to this? My facilities, flooded. My flock, slaughtered. My power, ripped from the source. I watch as the arcane energy grows around my tower, but even that will come to an end. This energy, a twisting of the very nature of the cosmos, collecting in one place… what will happen when the glass breaks? Will everything be destroyed? Will my legacy be erased? It is my only wish now. Let it all be destroyed. Leave nothing of the atrocities I’ve committed. At the very least, the kingdom that took everything from me will be washed from this realm, and I, with it. My last remaining hope is that as Laura’s spirit is torn from this realm and she finds peace in the next world, she will not remember any of this.”

Entry 41 – “The boy king is released. He realized quite quickly that it was I whose influence gripped him. Perhaps I underestimated his intellect all this time. Not much time now. The soldiers will have a hard time breaking down the gate, and perhaps my remaining tricks will do well enough to stave them off for a while, but my end is coming. Watching it all from my tower, it seems smaller. For an instant, I can imagine that this has all been in my imagination… or perhaps a game. Perhaps the adventurers will come for me. Perhaps I’ll kill them. Perhaps I’ll just accept my end. I suppose it doesn’t matter at this point.”

Sandar's Tome

The Blind Raven Korberos