The Maw

The Maw is an excavation site just south-west of Meridian Keep, south of Camren, and west of Ramshire. It’s purpose is not public, even to the soldiers that work as guards there. Citizens of Camren had their defense regiment pulled to defend The Maw, and as such are suffering from barbarian raids.

The Maw has been attacked by goblins, and there have been multiple protest groups requesting soldiers be put back on defense duty at Camren.

After surviving an attack on Camren, the group infiltrates The Maw pretending to be mercenaries hired to help on the defenses. The top-level security seems convinced that all of the stories of people disappearing in the mines are just rumors. The man in charge of giving them instruction tells them the same thing, but he doesn’t seem to genuinely believe it.

While lowering down into the excavation area, Leda sees that some of the miners are being forced to work by way of the soldiers threatening them. Within one of the caves, the group sees a purple rift open and swallow up six miners. Wind is shooting out of the hole as well as a loud whistling. The rift closes and the group follows one of the ravens through a portal within the mines. When they return (with The Wand of Orcus) the entire Maw seems to be in peril, as if something they were looking for is missing. The group is attacked by some of the higher-level managers of the excavation, who happen to be powerful wizards. They defeat them with the help of the wand.

The Maw

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